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(2 Park Place, Flanders, NJ 07836)


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The Sacred Bean Coffeehouse


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The Greater New Jersey Annual Conference : http://www.gnjumc.org/

District office : http://www.gbgm-umc.org/skylandsnj/

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Every Sunday 10:00am Sunday School, 11:00am Sunday Worship Service

Please join us for fellowship and refreshments immediately following the service in the Fellowship room.


Series of Flanders UMC 225th Anniversary Celebration 

1. October 12 (Sun) 11:00am  225th  Anniversary Celebration Service 

     (Preaching Rev. Dr. Steve Bechtold, History Reflection: Rev. John Callanan) 

2. October 18 (Sat) 7pm-9pm Sacred Bean Coffeehouse (Mr. Ray Winch) 

      Performers: Christine Deleon and Brian Colburn 

3. October 19 (Sun) Flanders UMC Church Conference 

            8:45am SPRC Meeting/  9:45am Church Conference 

            10:15am Parsonage walk through 

            Following church conference and worship, lunch will be prepared 

            by Pastor Kim family for our church family and friends. 

            All are welcome! 

4. November 9 (Sun) 3:00pm: Flanders United Methodist Women Tea Party 

5. November 22(Sat) 9:00am-2:00pm: Christmas Boutique 

6. November 23 (Sun) Thanksgiving Sunday 

            10am Sunday School, 11am <wbr></wbr>Worship Service: 

            Preaching: Mr. Mark Shenise, 

            Special Music: John and Cathy Bingham 

            and Potluck Thanksgiving Luncheon 

7. November 29, December 27, 9am-12pm: 

            Saturday Thrift Shop openings 

8. December 6(Sat) 7:00pm-9:00pm: Christmas Coffeehouse 

9. December 13 (Sat) 6:30pm: Christmas Progressive Dinner 

10. December 24 (Wed) 7:00pm: Christmas Eve Service



Flanders United Methodist Church Thrift Shop

4 Park Place, Flanders, NJ 07836

Church Thrift Shop  (973)584-5443

Open Hours:

* Thrift Shop (973) 584-5443, Monday 10am-2pm, Wednesday 10am-12pm,

    Outdoor Thrift Shop Mon & Wed. and Last Saturday of the Month 9am-12pm

* Last Saturday of the Month Thrift Shop  9am-12pm

* Gift Shop at the Education wing: Mon, Wed and Sat. 9am-12pm

The Sacred Bean Coffeehouse

The Sacred Bean Coffeehouse is an outreach of The Flanders United Methodist Church.

Our mission is to provide a positive atmosphere where people of all ages can enjoy original music by some of the region's best singers and songwriters. Coffeehouses are held once a month and admission is always free! Fore more information, visit the sacredbeancoffeehouse's website. http://raywinch.net/Coffeehouse.html


2014 Performers

Feb 22nd (7 p.m.) - Tom Kildea and Arlon Bennett

March 15th (7 p.m.) - Narrow Escape Duo and Christine DeLeon

April 26th (7 p.m.) - Chris Westfall and Moderately Bright Four

May 17th (7 p.m.) - Bootz O'Hagan and Jeff & Karen

Ocotber 18th (7 p.m.) - Christine Deleon and Brian Colburn

December 6th (7 p.m.) - Christmas Sacred Bean Coffeehouse